Joe Lucas

I am a former Army Cyber Officer located in Fort Meade, Maryland. Professionally, I am interested in building teams to apply quantitative methods to solve complex and impactful problems.

Personally, I am interested in challenges.


I have been climbing for several years, both rock and ice. Mountainfest, hosted by The Mountaineer in the Adirondacks is one of my favorite annual ice events. I also enjoy the New River Gorge Craggin’ Classic for rock. Let me know if you are climbing on the east coast.


Epic Pass holder (and under-utilizer) here. I want to get more mileage out of my backcountry setup, let me know if you know any good beginner spots.


I have played chess for years and will accept any Lichess correspondence challenges. Motivated by a Henry Kissinger quote comparing Chess/Go with Western/Eastern strategic thought, I have also been learning Go. It’s much harder to find oponents, especially for teaching games. Reach out if you’re available.


I am a hobbyist Programmer (C, Python) and professional Data Scientist. I am always looking for interesting datasets, particularly time-series or natural language processing.


I am an active Data Science, Python, and Cybersecurity mentor with Operation Code, a nonprofit dedicated to transitioning military veterans, service members, and military spouses into the technology industry. I have also been involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters in New York, Tennessee, and Maryland.