Resources that I thought were especially useful or creative.

Compiler Explorer: Compare code from a variety of languages with the compiled assembly with different compiler flags in a hihglighted, side-by-side format. Very useful if you are learning software reverse engineering.

Select Star SQL: Gentle, relevant, and interactive introduction to SQL. Learn by solving a real problem with real data.

SQL Murder Mystery: Another engaging introduction to SQL.

REPL: Great pair programming tool. Named after the read-evaluate-print loop computing environment, this web-based IDE is great for working on a project with friends or teaching.

The Deadlock Empire: A fun introduction to some concurrency pitfalls. Don’t worry about the C# orientation. You’ll learn things that you can apply to any language.

Kubernetes Learning Path: Great kubernetes material.

Oh Shit, Git!?!: For when you stray from the happy path.

Explain Git with D3: Great interactive graph visualizations for Git concepts.